Vanity Fair Boiler House Asbestos Consulting

Element Environmental Solutions (E2S) was contracted by Equus Development L.P. to provide a review of former abatement work that had previously been performed at the historic Vanity Fair Boiler House located in Reading, Pennsylvania. Review of former abatement work included a hazardous materials survey to confirm that all hazardous materials were properly abated. The former home to Vanity Fair Corporation has been vacant for years, but anticipated renovations are planned for the building and renovation cannot begin until hazardous materials are properly removed.

E2S performed a hazardous materials investigation to identify any asbestos containing materials (ACM), PCBs, and mercury that were not properly abated by a previous contractor. E2S collected asbestos bulk samples throughout the building and identified seventeen (17) different ACMs that had not been properly removed during the initial abatement. The majority of ACM was insulation and gaskets associated with the former boiler system, while additional ACM, including window caulking and glazing was identified on the exterior of the building.

E2S also performed a visual inspection for PCBs and mercury by examining light ballasts, fluorescence light tubes, and thermostats and switches. E2S identified 100 ballasts, 200 light tubes, 50 gauges, and 5 thermometers that were all likely to contain mercury and/or PCBs.

Following review of the hazardous materials survey results, E2S created a comprehensive report summarizing all findings and the estimated quantities of ACM that was missed during the initial abatement performed by another contractor.