Sustainability begins here

Assessing and returning a property to productive use drives economic development. Proper due diligence is priority before a commercial property transaction can occur as environmental liabilities present risks we simply cannot afford. Element offers a broad range of remedial services from site assessments to developing site specific remedial management programs. We provide forward thinking and innovative solutions that meet regulatory standards and are economically viable. We incorporate your business goals into our solutions, negotiating successfully with regulatory agencies and stakeholders through all stages of a project. Our staff has the technical and regulatory expertise to effectively address environmental challenges to ultimately restore the value of contaminated land.

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Protecting our most valuable resource

Water flows freely, but only a limited amount is available for human consumption. Restoring groundwater contaminated by industrial, commercial, and biological operations is critical to maintaining a safe drinking water supply. Understanding the hydrogeology, contaminant migrations pathways, and regulations is imperative for a successful groundwater investigation and remediation project. Extensive measures, to include engineering and institutional controls, must be implemented to protect this natural resource as contamination can be highly mobile and widespread. The geochemistry and underlying geology influencing the fate and transport of contaminants in an aquifer must be understood to develop realistic conceptual site models, create accurate groundwater models, and design effective remedial strategies. At Element, we understand the complexities surrounding this important resource as well as the intricate structures governing water. Element ensures that the most cost effective remedy is applied to improve the quality of this valuable resource.

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Creating Healthy Indoor Environments

Eliminating exposure to indoor air contaminants protects the public’s health and promotes productivity. In the past, it was common to use asbestos containing materials, lead paint, and other hazardous materials for construction purposes. If not managed properly by experienced professionals, these materials may present health risks to building occupants exposed to them as they deteriorate over time or are impacted during renovation or demolition activities. Our industrial hygienists are committed to producing a safe and productive environment for employees and students to thrive in. Our team is highly responsive to assessing, monitoring, and correcting problems as they emerge. Element offers clear-cut solutions to prevent and eliminate indoor exposures to chemicals, vapors, noise, hazardous materials, and contaminants.

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