View of completed Lancaster Square and Lancaster Public Library.

Lancaster Square Annex – Hazardous Materials Investigation

E2S conducted a hazardous materials survey of the former Lancaster Square Annex located in Lancaster’s Community Revitalization Improvement Zone (CRIZ). E2S was contracted by Hammel Associates Architects to perform asbestos abatement oversight and air monitoring. E2S’s primary objective was to identify and quantify any asbestos containing material (ACM) or other hazardous materials, which were a concern based on the age of the building.

During the 1950’s, Lancaster Square, located on the 100-block of North Queen Street, was a vital portion of the City of Lancaster’s business district, housing a movie theater, historic hotel, and shops. As the buildings of Lancaster Square aged, business declined, resulting in demolition of the entire 100-block of North Queen Street in 1962. The Stanley Warner Theater was built in the late 1960’s in the Lancaster Square Annex, adjoining the former Hilton Hotel (currently the Holiday Inn Lancaster), as part of an area wide redevelopment project. The Stanley Warner Theater eventually closed, and the dilapidated space became a blemish in a once renowned portion of Lancaster. E2S was excited to assist with the redevelopment of the former Stanley Warner Theater and ultimately return the 100-block of North Queen Street to a bustling and vibrant portion of the city.

E2S did identify asbestos containing materials in linoleum flooring and spray-on fireproofing material. E2S prepared an asbestos abatement “Scope of Work” for the Abatement Contractor to follow as well as conducted oversight and air monitoring services during the abatement giving the building a clean bill of health from an asbestos standpoint following all abatement.

The former Lancaster Square Annex redevelopment includes a six-story, 300-space parking garage, the new location for the Lancaster Public Library, and a two-screen movie theater. The new construction will join the recently opened Holiday Inn Lancaster, The Imperial restaurant, and 101 NQ, all part of Lancaster Square.