An Environmental Assessment Takes Place on a Battlefield

View from our office on this sunny Field Day Friday.

One of the perks of working at Element is visiting our many project locations to conduct environmental investigations. We enjoy getting out the office to conduct field work, but first things first, we did not conduct a hazardous materials investigation on this ship. We merely observed it from the historic project site we were conducting a hazardous materials investigation on. Any guesses on where Element might be on this sunny Field Day Friday?

An epic battle took place here during the American Revolution. At this location, American troops held off the British Navy for several weeks, allowing George Washington and his troops ample time to set up camp at Valley Forge. After six weeks, British ships, the Vigilant and the Fury, released an arsenal of 170 plus cannons against America’s ten. American troops at this location didn’t have a fighting chance. They set fire to the fort fleeing the base to join comrades in New Jersey.

While many of the structures located on this national historic monument have sat vacant for several years, the location has also served as a military prison during the Civil War, a Naval Ammunition Depot in the 20th Century, and most recently as a tourist destination.

Whether we’re conducting hazardous material surveys, environmental site assessments or actively remediating a contaminated site we love the work we do. It gives us the opportunity to set up our offices in places people never imagined they could go. How many people can say that their careers take them to project locations rich in history that will play a crucial part in revitalizing a community?

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