Asbsetos Phase Contrast Microscopy Certified

Andrew getting ready to analyze airborne fibers with a phase contrast microscope.

Element is proud to announce that Andrew Houck, our Environmental Technician, is certified to analyze potential asbestos fibers at a project site utilizing Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM). On-site PCM analysis (NIOSH method 7400) is perfect for asbestos abatement jobs under a tight deadline. It allows renovation projects to proceed with minimal delay, authorizing staff to reoccupy the space sooner than normal since clearance testing results are provided immediately following asbestos abatement.

Andrew will use a Phase Contrast microscope to document asbestos fiber concentrations before, during, and after asbestos abatement activities. Air samples are collected both inside and outside the work area to confirm that airborne asbestos fibers are not leaving the containment areas. If staff access is required at asbestos abatement job sites, this will provide assurance that the project is conducted in a safe and protective manner.

Thanks to Andrew’s eagerness to grow as an industrial hygienist, Element is able to provide asbestos results immediately to our clients at the project site. On-site Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) analysis is available to our commercial, industrial, government, and healthcare clients. Element performs Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) using an AIHA NVLAP accredited laboratory to ensure accurate and reliable results. All on-site PCM fiber counting results are provided to the client within a summary report, along with any QA/QC laboratory reports.

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