Robert A. Pfromm, CIH

Bob’s drive to protect the public’s health shows in his work. As a Certified Industrial Hygienist, he excels in the field, methodically evaluating any potential indoor air quality (IAQ) concern, be it mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or strange odors. His investigative skills are extraordinary, allowing him to find the root of most IAQ problems before they have the opportunity to cause negative health impacts. Bob’s thirty plus years of experience includes Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) evaluations, mold and moisture remediation, expert testimony, industrial hygiene surveys and so much more. His recommendations for IAQ improvements are always spot on. He’s able to put your facility’s occupants at ease by laying out the technical details in a calm and collective way. Just ask Bob about mold and you’ll soon find out he knows what he is talking about. Bob is always exploring the world on the weekends, whether he’s raising Monarch butterflies with his youngest son or visiting his oldest at the University of South Carolina.

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