Across the Board remediated brownfields increase our quality of life

For every 50k sites assessed and cleaned up approximately 90K jobs were created, an acre of redeveloped brownfield equates to 4.5 acres of greenfields preserved, within a one mile radius property values can increase by 2 to 3 percent and can lead to $2.2B in local tax revenue nationwide. Last but not least, brownfields can reduce carbon emissions by increasing the use of public transportation and walkability.*

*EPA Brownfields Program, 2013

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From Source to Tap - life's sustaining resource relies on us to restore its health

Only 3% of the Earth's water is fresh. Of that 3%, only 1% is readily available for human consumption. Protecting and restoring groundwater is critical as 99% of available freshwater originates in aquifers. This vast yet limited resource is constantly facing environmental challenges that requires sustainable management practices.*

*USGS, 2013

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Indoor Air Quality promotes and protects public health

It's no coincidence that shelter forms the foundation in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. We spend over 90% percent of our time indoors where contaminant concentrations can be up to 2 to 5 times higher than outside. Overall, a high level of indoor air quality promotes health, worker's productivity, student performance and occupants comfort levels.*

*EPA Report on the Environment, 2011

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Services: Earth

Restoring the balance between the natural and the built environment. Increasingly land resources are impacted by our core business decisions. Redeveloping and cleaning up contaminated land restores the earth and revitalizes the local economy. By implementing sustainable remediation and redevelopment practices, abandoned properties are placed back into productive use, providing job opportunities and rebuilding a strong sense of place for the local community.

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Services: Water

Strengthening our most valuable resource. The health and availability of water is constantly challenged by industrial and commercial development. Watersheds, large areas of land connected by water create unique challenges for water resource management. Extensive measures must be implemented to protect this natural resource as contamination can be highly mobile and widespread. Sustaining water quality is vital for the communities we serve and live in. It is the resource that connects us all.

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Services: Shelter

Creating healthy indoor environments by eliminating exposure pathways to hazardous materials. Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) through increased ventilation and removal of contaminants has shown to increase student and worker productivity as well as decrease adverse health effects and absenteeism. Maintaining the highest level of indoor environmental quality is essential to protecting the public's health and safety as the built environment meets our most basic of needs.

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About Element Environmental Solutions

Element's Core

Element offers integrative solutions that enhance the natural and built environments. We thrive on turning risks into opportunities by providing responsive, cost effective results. No project is too big or too small. Whether we're providing environmental consulting at professional baseball stadiums and hockey arenas on downtown brownfield sites, RCRA Corrective Action consulting on large scale industrial sites, or simple environmental assessments and surveys - Element gets it right.

Our team of environmental professionals has over 100 years of combined technical experience. Element's staff works diligently to keep clients informed throughout the duration of the project. We help you safely manage environmental liabilities and risks.

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